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photo by Randal Dean

Opinions. I’ve got a  lot of ’em. Whether those opinions are of any interest to anyone else but me is conjecture, but they will appear here on this new site. Vocations and avocations. I’ve got a lot of ’em. This site should be capable of covering them all — music, miniatures, paintings, photography, motorcycles, and whatever else may come along, maybe even a rant about the deteriorating English language as used by its native speakers.

Before I go, I must publicly thank Allison Adams of Atlanta for helping me get started with this site. Besides being a creative web designer and mainstay at Emory University, she is a fine musician, singer, gardener, protector of domestic chickens, and knitter while enjoying a glass of fine whiskey. Thanks also to John Cable for inviting me to visit Atlanta initially, to play a few shows, record some tunes, explore Atlanta’s cuisine, and to hang out at Allison’s.

Rightly or wrongly, everyone gets to be heard these days. Everyone gets an opportunity to comment. This is mine. Welcome. More to come.




  1. 4-27-2012

    Awesome job! I have a storage bin full of these JR Miniatures Stalingrad pieces still in their bags that I picked up at a Recon or Hurricon several years ago – you may just have inspired me to bust them out and get some paint on them :)Yes, I’ll just echo that a tutorial would be great too…

  2. 6-29-2012

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