Victrix British Center Company

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The hated Anglais. I’ll never forgive Wellington for driving the French out of Spain and winning Waterloo to finally put an end to Napoleon’s French Empire once and for all. BUT, if you’re painting Napoleonic 28’s, you will, like me, eventually grow tired of the blue uniforms, white crossbelts, fatigue caps tucked under cartridge boxes, and tricolor cockades. One way out of that sameness is to paint the enemy, an idea that for a long time seemed heretical to me.  All that RED would be as boring as all that BLUE, yes? Well, it turns out that the English are fun to paint after all. Although it hurts deep inside to say it out loud, they look splendid all done up with those King’s colors and regimental flags flying, and (bonus) the loathesome red uniforms didn’t grow as tiresome as I thought they would.

King’s Own Regiment

Actually, the Victrix British figures are a joy to paint, much more of a joy than the Victrix French, sad to say. Both have multiple arm and head choices, though it seems that the French have so many more bits to prep and prime and apply before they’re complete. I have grown to admire the English uniforms because they don’t carry as much stuff as their French counterparts. They do have all those belts and a pack and a haversack and a canteen, but they don’t ALL have a sword (The ordinary English soldier didn’t carry a sword. Why did all the French, save the fusiliers, have to carry a sword?) and the aforementioned fatigue cap and piping on every available edge that requires a painter’s attention. The English uniform is a cleaner design with fewer little bits, and I appreciate it. None of this means I am becoming an Anglophile, however. Ce n’est pas possible!

An interesting thing I’ve noticed: the faces of the Victrix French are sculpted to resemble drunken and depraved gargoyles, while the English faces mostly resemble a young Michael Caine or a Sean Connery in the first few Bond films. I’m not surprised, Victrix is an UK company. And I’m not complaining, I’m just saying. No wonder we lost. We had to carry an extra sword and we looked like gargoyles.

King’s Own command

Victrix British Center Company, Waterloo