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I have discovered that, while I enjoy painting little 28mm figures, I enjoy modeling the flags they carry even more. The figures are fairly static, in that they come in perhaps six variable poses, and there is only so much one can do to enliven them, given a reasonable amount of time. After all, the goal of 28’s is to create battalions and squadrons, yes? But the flags they carry, when modeled with a little care and panache, can give life, give motion, create focus to a command company of British regulars, French infantry, or charging cavalry.

Flags of War

King’s Own Regiment

I have some experience with the flags that come with the kits. While inadequate, they will do if all the modeler or gamer wants are regiment markers to distinguish one from the other. But there are flag makers out there that go above and beyond colorful markers. They are made so beautifully, with such care and great attention to detail, that these flags actually serve to bring these company and regimental stands to life with drama and movement. They are the little reproduced jewels of history that can fire the imagination, and conjure scenes of glory and honor won on a bloody and horiffic field.

Flags of War 2

Sussex, the 35th Regiment of Foot

All the forums on the web concerning aftermarket flags usually agree that GMB makes the best flags. I have some French GMBs and they are wonderful. However, being unable to find the 35th Sussex colors on the GMB site, I searched for an alternative. That search led me to, and since they offered those colors that I was after, gave them a try. The reader may suppose that I am leading up to saying how well pleased I was when the Battle Flag product arrived. Indeed I was. The packaging was extremely attractive, with each example enclosed in its own plastic sleeve, accompanied by an information sheet with a quote from Wellington, all printed beautifully. Of course, the most important items were the flags themselves, and they did not disappoint, exceeding my expectations.  The paper is superb for modeling with thinned white glue, and is a little thicker than GMB’s paper. The printing was dead-on and the colors outstanding. They looked to me like a high dollar professional printer was used, the kind used to make fine art prints. I should know, since I have those kinds of prints made of my paintings. In summary, absolutely splendid reproductions in miniature, and I recommend Battle Flag highly.