The Gaudeamus Cafe on the rue de la Montagne-Ste Geneviève, just behind the Panthéon in Paris.




This painting is based on the brilliant blues chronicler Axel Küstner’s black and white image of “David Johnson” © 1993.

Three cafés in Salon-de-Provençe, a town about 30 kilometers south of Avignon. Salon is home to Le Musée L’Empéri, a fascinating and remarkably complete collection of artifacts assembled by two brothers who began accumulating  French military items when they were just children before the Great War. One brother was killed in that conflict and the other dedicated his life to his brother’s memory and the collection. I consider the museum better than the national one at Invalides in Paris. The home of Nostradamus is in Salon, right around the corner from these cafés in the painting.

This is available in a limited edition of 35, 8 x 12 image size, giclée process using archival inks, by Nocerino Editions of Denver. $125.00

Place des Vosges

One of my fondest memories of Paris while I was attending the 2003 Tour de France is captured in this painting of music students playing outside in the magnificent Place des Vosges on a summer afternoon. As our little cadre of cyclists was enjoying the ambiance in the Place, I saw a group of twenty or more young musicians began to unpack their instruments across the way. Of course I wanted to stay and listen. They did not disappoint, filling the square and our ears with exquisite, beautifully executed classical music. Looking at the photos I took of the group when I returned home, I noticed this charming young violinist intently focused in the moment of musical creation.



Samantha and I visited Avignon around 2005. We loved the Palais des Papes, and spent hours there, but the view across the ancient city from up high on the parapets of that fortress revealed this ideal image of stucco and tiled roofs, so typical of the architecture of that area of southern France.