September, 2017


VIGNETTES back cover.

August 1, 2017

Right. I see that I thought we were closer to the end of recording last December. Hmm. These things always take their own time but I am relieved to say that the new record, VIGNETTES, has been mixed and is in the hands of Mark Fuller, out on the west coast for mastering. Shouldn’t be too long before I have some hard copies in hand and have posted the songs on iTunes and Apple and Spotify and Amazon and Simfy and more services than I can remember. I should make a list.

December 8, 2016

I am in the process of recording a new collection of original songs, currently working again at Macy Studios with my co-producer and engineer, John Macy. We’re closer to the end than the beginning I think, but I cannot put that feeling into any definitive timeline for completion. As before, theses new tunes are being ably brought to life by some stellar musicians. Until then, Accidental Human and Changes in the Heart are available from iTunes, Amazon Music, and others. Those albums can also be previewed on my ReverbNation page but cannot be purchased from that site.

I was honored to be included in the Chuck Pyle Memorial Concert at Swallow Hill recently, sharing the stage with an array of talented artists who shared a common affection for Chuck’s body of work. It was a gloriously collaborative and warm celebration before an appreciative and engaged sold-out audience, all sharing the same affinity for the music of my old friend. I performed Chuck’s “Diablo Deadeye,” and remained onstage to accompany Jim Ratts and Gordon Burt (Chuck’s longtime fiddler) on “Jaded Lover.”

April Hooks

March 30, 2015

April 14th at the Park House on Colfax and Madison welcomes Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Richie Furay plus songwriters Ed Skibbe, David Starr and me performing selections from our latest cds.

February 26, 2015

Thanks to everyone who has listened to Accidental Human on Reverb Nation, or has bought and downloaded their own copy from iTunes, Amazon Music, or other services listed in the post below. I recorded this collection to make a memory, and share it with anyone who cared to listen. Selling a few copies is very nice but that was not the main idea for producing this project. I got to work with John Macy again, record with some long-time friends in various parts of the country, and had the privilege of meeting and hearing some wonderful new musicians. I am grateful for all the interest on Facebook and the kind comments from old and new friends alike.

December 4, 2014

Update: Accidental Human now available on iTunes and Spotify; other services pending.


If you would like a hard copy of the cd to have the cover art, read the lyrics, credits, and have a cd in your hands to play, contact me through the Contact link on this site and I’ll arrange to send you one.

November 6, 2014

Aieeee! The album is done! It took a little over a year but the new album, Accidental Human, is finally being pressed and packaged and should be available in a few weeks. It was a mostly wonderful experience, especially having the opportunity to enlist the talents of some marvelous players that I didn’t know until John Macy, co-producer, engineer and studio owner, suggested and then introduced me to them. It was a pleasure hearing Eric Moon, Christian Teele, Blake Eberhard, Katie Glassman, Sam Bush, Sally Van Meter, Marc Lacuesta and Eric Thorin play my music. Traveling to Austin and Atlanta for some additional singing and playing by John Cable, Allison Adams, Layton DePenning, John Inmon and David Webb resulted in some fine contributions from old and new friends with outstanding abilities. The icing on the cake was finding one of my favorite guitar icons Sam Broussard here in town for a few days before his show with Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, and after 30 years of wanting it to happen, the planets aligned, giving us the time to have him play on one of the cuts. I can’t leave this paragraph without mentioning the brilliance and taste of my friend Pete Wasner, who graciously contributed his keyboards to Highwayman and ‘Til I See You Again.

It was thrilling to have all these superb players and singers on this CD.

90 percent of the songs in this collection are orphans, songs that had been written throughout the years but had never made it onto a recorded project. Given that, we have some wildly divergent styles herein, but that’s okay with me. For example, John Cable and I wrote Highwayman in 1974 (yikes) and it was included on a record around 1987, but with a completely different arrangement. Same with Blue Coal Miner. As the years passed, I grew to believe that it should be played as a straight up bluegrass tune. On this project, I got that with Sam Bush on mandolin and fiddle, Sally Van Meter on dobro and Eric Thorin on double bass, all thanks to John Macy. Diametrically opposed to those styles, we have Radium Dial, an early 90’s jazz rock number, and Louis Seize (Louis the 16th Is Dead), a 4 on the floor country-blues about the French revolution. Can’t get more separation than that I don’t think.

There are a few brand new songs included, and my take on the song All a Man Can Do, my tune previously recorded by Tom Rush, sees the light of day with guitar contributions by John Inmon, piano by David Webb, and vocal by Layton DePenning, all of Austin, Texas. You can read the story about going to Texas to record with old friends on the Reunion at Elmo’s Lab post.

March 5, 2014

A memory of Steve Fromholz is posted on the home page below

June 22, 2012

My Selected Tracks from my Latest cds post now contains an embedded player to listen to tracks from my last two CDs.

April 15, 2012

The Kindness of Strangers

I was visiting Atlanta last week, as I have mentioned in other places on this site already. I didn’t bring my Collings D2H with me so I was without an instrument, however John Cable was planning to let me use his new Collings OM2 and he would borrow Allison Adams’ Alvarez for our duet shows. That would have worked out fine I’m sure, and everyone involved was okay with that arrangement.

As I requested of John, he took me to Maple Street Guitars in Atlanta to see all the eye candy there, the day after I arrived and several days before we were to perform. John also wanted me to meet Lindsay Petsch, whose family owns Maple Street and who also works there in the store. We spent a few glorious hours there drooling over and noodling on the instruments and visiting and playing with Lindsay and some of the store’s employees. I had visited their website many times when I was shopping for my Collings and it was a pleasure to see the place in person.

Lindsay Petsch at the Java Monkey

Through his generosity, Lindsay offered to lend us a Collings OM2 cutaway from his personal collection for me to use while I was in Atlanta. We were also invited to a sumptuous dinner (prepared by Allison) at Lindsay’s home, where we had the privilege of playing on some of the exceptional guitars from his collection. I was also introduced to premium Bourbons that evening (Bulliet and Wathen’s) as we whiled away the evening sharing songs between the four of us on the second floor screened-in porch. Lucky me, for being afforded the opportunity to make new friends such as these. All in all, a brilliant and enjoyable soirée, made possible by the connection of Allison to Lindsay to John to me.

Allison Adams and John Cable

On the final night of my visit, playing at the Java Monkey in Decatur, Lindsay gave me a superb instrumental CD to which he had contributed four selections of his graceful guitar playing. I’m home now in Roxborough, Colorado. Lindsay’s music is playing on the stereo, reminding me of the good times had in Atlanta, and the benefits of the kindness of strangers.


  1. 5-30-2012

    Hello Richard,
    First, your music resonates here at my house. Thank you. I easily fell in love with Big Rock. My efforts to find/buy it haven’t paid off. Please tell me your song with John Cable is available somewhere, I appreciate it. A lot. What a song! Beautiful arrangement.

    • Richard

      Hey Bob,
      I’m happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed some of my music. Unfortunately, Big Rock, found on John’s and my MySpace page, and Miss Me, the new song found here, are not commercially available as yet. They will appear on a CD slated for release sometime in the future, but I don’t know when exactly.

  2. 2-16-2013

    Richard and John have always shared a unique magic! They bring out the best of each other and collectively are so so so good! I have been lucky to know these fine World class musicians for years. Listening to them together is such a treat!