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Opinions. I’ve got a  lot of ’em. Whether those opinions are of any interest to anyone else but me is conjecture, but they will appear here on this new site. Vocations and avocations. I’ve got a lot of ’em. This site should be capable of covering them all — music, miniatures, paintings, photography, motorcycles, and whatever else may come along, maybe even a rant about the deteriorating English language as used by its native speakers.

Before I go, I must publicly thank Allison Adams of Atlanta for helping me get started with this site.

Besides being a creative web designer and mainstay at Emory University, she is a fine musician, singer, gardener, protector of domestic chickens, and knitter while enjoying a glass of premium whiskey. Thanks also to John Cable for inviting me to visit Atlanta initially, to play a few shows, record some tunes, explore Atlanta’s cuisine, and to hang out at Allison’s.

Rightly or wrongly, everyone gets to be heard these days. Everyone gets an opportunity to comment. This is mine. Welcome. More to come.

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June 2, 2012

It is difficult to write about one’s self I find. After a lifetime of composing last-minute biographies for a gig or a club owner or a booking agent, I am tired of re-iterating, recalling, or re-inventing the highlights of my life, but I suppose I am bound to write something since this page is called About Richard. Okay, then.

I am lucky to have a wonderful partner these past 25 years. You can find her on this site in the post, Ensemble Vingt-Cinq Ans. She gets all the credit for the fact that I am still on the earth.

I am a professional musician and songwriter, and have been for forty-two years or so. In addition, I am currently an English ESL instructor at the Colorado School of English, and I’ve been helping foreign students learn our language for almost four years now. It is an extremely emotionally rewarding gig. I have a CELTA certificate through Bridge-Linguatec and Cambridge University.

I left the University of Texas at Austin in late 1969 at the end of my junior year to pursue a musical career. In 2005, I enrolled at the University of Colorado at Denver to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in French, graduating in 2007.

The reader can see some, but not all, of my interests on this site. I like to argue philosophy and expose the illogic and fallacies in sacred, man-made institutions. H.L. Mencken, G.B. Shaw, and Christopher Hitchens are three of my heroes. I love astronomy. Road bicycles have been known to occupy my time. I enjoy spending more than 18 days at a time in Europe. I like adjectives and professional ice hockey. I detest ignorance and bigotry. I love the sentiment in the National Anthem of Canada.

Other than the above, I’m just another bug on the planet, looking for worthwhile ways to spend my time until my allotment plays out.



  1. 8-14-2012


    I hope you remember singing at my wedding in 1969 in San Antonio, Texas. We recorded you on 6th Street with Fred Rowsey as your producer. I still have one copy of your recording on an Ignite Records .45! Email me and catch me up on what you’ve been doing for 43 years! Good to see you’re still making music and that I’m here to enjoy it.

    Bruce Hooper

    • Richard

      I had a good memory when there weren’t so many events and occasions to remember. Now it’s hit or miss, but of course I recall making the recording. At this moment, I can’t conjure an image of the wedding, but that doesn’t surprise me.
      Great to hear from you.

  2. 8-21-2012

    I used to know a Rick Dean in Grand Lake in 1970 who was up from Texas. Is that by any chance you?

    • Richard

      I think so. I was in Grand Lake playing at the Rapids for a few seasons with Jim Schulman as Timberline Rose.
      How did we survive?

  3. 6-9-2013

    I’ve known Richard since we were in the 6th grade. He is one of the most precious human beings I’ve had the privilege to know.

    The depth of his soul came out very early in his singing. I remember warm summer afternoons listening to him play his guitar and sing in my backyard; what a blessing he was to us all.

    The gentleness of his being emerged in his intricate drawings and sketches even at an early age.

    Richard, the earth has truly been made better by you being here. I count myself lucky to still have you as my friend.

    • Richard

      Hey Jan,

      I’m going to keep this. It will make a nice epitah when the time comes.

      Thanks for the kind sentiments.

      • 6-9-2013

        LOL…. thanks!