It’s like an animal theme park outside sometimes. My cat loves to wait by the window at certain times each day to catch a glimpse of her friends, the foxes. She somehow has the schedule of their passing through the yard, I don’t know how, but every day she goes to the window to wait. Sure enough, a fox goes by at the appointed time known only to her, probably on the way to the golf course restaurant garbage. I know this because they pass by again an hour or so later, going home to their dens up on the ridge carrying a hot dog bun or something similar clutched in their narrow maws. Sophia (the cat) loves the foxes. It’s the most exciting moment in her day. Often we’ll load a bowl with some cat food borrowed from Sophia’s larder and place it outside below the viewing window so they’ll stop for a minute and Sophie can get a good, long look. It’s a cat thrill ride. She sees it coming, gets down low on the sill or on the floor with her front paws on the sill, standing on her little hind pegs (it’s not a typo, her feet are like pirate peg-legs), stealthily peeking over at the fascinating creature. She doesn’t suspect that she’d make a fine candidate for a few day’s worth of meals if she and her friend should find themselves face à face.

The view from the kitchen or office window is the most secure, I believe. The ubiquitous deer are like neighborhood dogs who have once again escaped their yards to meet at a previously agreed upon property whereupon they devour anything remotely edible that has not been sprayed with deer repellent. It’s okay with me, because I usually get at least a few nice photos for next year’s Christmas card. One should be careful at night, however, when walking out to have a smoke on a moonless night, only to discover twenty or so does having an unseen pow-wow in the garden. It can be startling.

The little darlings are protected in this park where I live, and that’s as it should be. All wild creatures who inhabit Roxborough Park are protected, including mountain lions and bears, I guess. It is, after all, Colorado, and a large part of what makes Colorado different from most other places is the wild factor. Sorry to say it’s becoming less wild day by day. C’est inévitable malheureusement. I had to laugh when the folks who moved into their new homes in Elk Meadows, one of Evergreen’s recent subdivisions, complained that there were actual elk in the meadow.

You will find on this page wildlife photos that I’ve taken, mostly from the safety my kitchen window. There are a few where I’ve dared to venture out to get a little better shot.


  1. 6-3-2012

    Great website. Thanks for including me. I hope to be able to catch up with you on Thursday!

  2. 6-11-2012

    I’m not sure when photography became one of your passions, but the passion certainly shows. Great work!

    What I really want to know about is motorcycles. Can you see on the rear seat of a Harley? Been there, doing that, on occasion,

    • Richard

      Dear Carolyn,
      You are able to see to the left and the right. If you lean out a little, you may see ahead, but that act may unbalance the machine. Hold on tight, bury your head in the driver’s back, and hope he/she can deliver you safely to the destination. Keep the rubber side down.

  3. 2-16-2013

    Wow! Pen! Great website and wonderful art and music! Tuned for speed!