September, 2017


VIGNETTES back cover.

August 1, 2017

Right. I see that I thought we were closer to the end of recording last December. Hmm. These things always take their own time but I am relieved to say that the new record, VIGNETTES, has been mixed and is in the hands of Mark Fuller, out on the west coast for mastering. Shouldn’t be too long before I have some hard copies in hand and have posted the songs on iTunes and Apple and Spotify and Amazon and Simfy and more services than I can remember. I should make a list.

December 8, 2016

I am in the process of recording a new collection of original songs, currently working again at Macy Studios with my co-producer and engineer, John Macy. We’re closer to the end than the beginning I think, but I cannot put that feeling into any definitive timeline for completion. As before, theses new tunes are being ably brought to life by some stellar musicians. Until then, Accidental Human and Changes in the Heart are available from iTunes, Amazon Music, and others. Those albums can also be previewed on my ReverbNation page but cannot be purchased from that site.

I was honored to be included in the Chuck Pyle Memorial Concert at Swallow Hill recently, sharing the stage with an array of talented artists who shared a common affection for Chuck’s body of work. It was a gloriously collaborative and warm celebration before an appreciative and engaged sold-out audience, all sharing the same affinity for the music of my old friend. I performed Chuck’s “Diablo Deadeye,” and remained onstage to accompany Jim Ratts and Gordon Burt (Chuck’s longtime fiddler) on “Jaded Lover.”

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35th Regiment in Square

Finally finished my two British Regiments from Victrix Ltd. The 72 figures took more than a few months to complete, and the final 24 figures comprising the flank companies of light and grenadier stands took quite a bit more time than the center companies. The flank company shoulder wings presented some painting problems and I started over on them several times, trying to figure out the best way to realize a clean result. Some of the sculptures seemed distorted which added to the difficulty. After several attempts at perfection, I gave up and accepted the fact that I couldn’t do any better.


The 4th in Square

The regimental flags sourced from were a great addition, and I will continue to use them for any new 28mms I do, if available. The flag cords on the Victrix poles are awkwardly placed, so I removed them, cut off the tassels, and made new cords with twisted solder wire. The new cords fit the flow of the flags better, and can be arranged however I see fit.

February 10, 2014

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The Gaudeamus Cafe on the rue de la Montagne-Ste Geneviève, just behind the Panthéon in Paris.




This painting is based on the brilliant blues chronicler Axel Küstner’s black and white image of “David Johnson” © 1993.

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L'amour est une illusion, la dévotion est toute

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